As Time Goes By (blue)

As Time Goes By (blue)

96 x 240 1/8" 244 x 610cm

Sugar-lift aquatint with carborundrum relief.

Panel 1 EmeraldGreen; Emerald Green and Lemon Yellow; Cerulean Blue; Outremer; Terre d’OmbreNaturelle and Solferino Violet; Violet Solide and Prussian Blue; SolferinoViolet and Prussian Blue; Ocean Blue; Prussian Blue; Rouge Ardent, Outremer andSolferino Violet; Jaune Capucine.

Panel 2 Emerald Green; Terre d’Ombre Naturelle; Jaune Capucine; Primrose Yellow; OceanBlue; Outremer; Violet Solide; Prussian Blue; Cerulean Blue and Lemon Yellow;Solferino Violet; Orient Blue and Violet Solide.

Panel 3 Emerald Green; Cerulean Blue; Jaune Capucine; Bone Black and Prussian Blue;Solferino Violet and Prussian Blue; Turquoise Blue; Primrose Yellow; Terred’Ombre Naturelle; Solferino Violet; Cobalt Blue; Solferino Violet andOutremer.

Panel 4 Vert Solide and Payne’s Grey; Viridian Green; Viridian Green and Carmine; Terred’Ombre Naturelle and Payne’s Grey; Prussian Blue.

Panel 5 Prussian Blue and Payne’s Grey; Viridian Green; Viridian Green and Carmine;Terre d’Ombre Naturelle and Payne’s Grey; Vert Solide; Lemon Yellow andCerulean Blue; Vermillion Red, Capucine and Terre d’Ombre Naturelle