As Time Goes By (blue)

As Time Goes By (blue)

96 x 240 1/8" 244 x 610cm

Sugar-lift aquatint with carborundrum relief.

Panel 1 EmeraldGreen; Emerald Green and Lemon Yellow; Cerulean Blue; Outremer; Terre d’OmbreNaturelle and Solferino Violet; Violet Solide and Prussian Blue; SolferinoViolet and Prussian Blue; Ocean Blue; Prussian Blue; Rouge Ardent, Outremer andSolferino Violet; Jaune Capucine.

Panel 2 Emerald Green; Terre d’Ombre Naturelle; Jaune Capucine; Primrose Yellow; OceanBlue; Outremer; Violet Solide; Prussian Blue; Cerulean Blue and Lemon Yellow;Solferino Violet; Orient Blue and Violet Solide.

Panel 3 Emerald Green; Cerulean Blue; Jaune Capucine; Bone Black and Prussian Blue;Solferino Violet and Prussian Blue; Turquoise Blue; Primrose Yellow; Terred’Ombre Naturelle; Solferino Violet; Cobalt Blue; Solferino Violet andOutremer.

Panel 4 Vert Solide and Payne’s Grey; Viridian Green; Viridian Green and Carmine; Terred’Ombre Naturelle and Payne’s Grey; Prussian Blue.

Panel 5 Prussian Blue and Payne’s Grey; Viridian Green; Viridian Green and Carmine;Terre d’Ombre Naturelle and Payne’s Grey; Vert Solide; Lemon Yellow andCerulean Blue; Vermillion Red, Capucine and Terre d’Ombre Naturelle

Notes: The title refers to the song As Time Goes By, performed by Dooley Wilson in the 1942 film Casablanca.
“I’ve always loved the film Casablanca and in particular, that song. In 2008 I thought I was dying. That song kept going through my mind.” – Howard Hodgkin, 2011.