Red Flowers (Tate Limited Edition)

Red Flowers (Tate Limited Edition)

Paper Size: 430mm x 470mm Frame Size: 534 x 577mm

Silk screen on Somerset mould-made Satin Rag 400gsm paper. Hand torn and sponged edges.Twenty-two hand pulled colours using inks from ‘Golden, N.Y and Dubuit, Paris’.

Notes: The limited edition Red Flowers, 2015 was donated to Tate by Hodgkin. The work is inspired by Red Flowers, 2011-12 an oil painting on wood panel by the artist.

“My Father loved small flowers, I was thinking about him,” Howard Hodgkin. In Red Flowers, 2015 Hodgkin has presented the colour harmonies of the original work evocatively rather than mathematically resulting in an emotive representation of the original work. An increase in scale emphasizes not just the fluidity and boldness of the artist’s brush strokes but the grain and intricacies of the wood panel itself. Seeing the detail at this size serves to emphasis Hodgkin’s interest in the relationship between pictorial and physical elements.

Edition of 75.