PM Gallery

Howard Hodgkin – Prints is the first large-scale internationally touring exhibition, spanning the artist entire career in this medium. Hodgkin has produced about 130 editions of striking and beautifully crafted prints which range in size from the very small to huge. long-awaited touring exhibition will finally provide the opportunity for a full appraisal of Howard Hodgkin works in print. This artist creative process is one of finding an image, and the means of its expression, through action. Hodgkin has broken many of the rules of the craft, and the results are among the most stunning effects of colour and surface in contemporary printmaking. He constantly re-invents his personal language of marks, often developing compositions from spatial and formal observations, using form and colour to communicate pure aesthetic emotion. Hodgkin – Prints is a touring exhibition that was launched at the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle on 22 July 2006 and is available to tour partners and venues globally.