14th May 2024

From Then to Now: 90 Years of Glyndebourne Posters | May 16 – September 8, 2024

From Then to Now: 90 Years of Glyndebourne Posters | May 16 – September 8, 2024

In 1997 Howard Hodgkin designed the 1998 Glyndebourne Festival Programme Book cover.  As part of Glyndebourne’s 90th birthday celebrations, the 1998 programme cover has been released as a limited poster in an edition of 150, 80 x 60cm, printed by King and McGaw. 
The poster is available for pre-order via the Glyndebourne website, link below. The exhibition ‘From Then to Now: 90 Years of Glyndebourne Posters’ will run from May 16 – September 8, 2024. 

Text below by Glyndebourne:
The first contemporary artist to be commissioned to produce our Festival Programme Book cover in 1998 who was not designing for the stage, Howard Hodgkin’s timeless painting has been reprinted and presented as part of the exhibition. When writing about this artwork, Norman Rosenthal said, ‘The translation of beautiful memories into paint of the highest density has always been the central mark of Hodgkin’s art. He is a painter who evokes atmosphere with the brush which can be, and in his case is, most consciously a vehicle for holding onto the memories of people, places and emotions and which aspires to be the equivalent of both poetry and music. His apparently abstract paintings are like chords continually echoing as we look at them. His cover is a perfect beginning and end, and by its presence, gives a very particular mood to this year’s season.’


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