6th March 2022

Impressions in Colour

Impressions in Colour
Where the Sky Meets the Sea, 2017, etching with carborundum

Zuleika Gallery is delighted to announce the exhibition Impressions in Colour which will be open from 9 March to 25 April 2022. The exhibition will  focus on printmaking by four leading British Artists – Ian Davenport, Howard Hodgkin, Michael Craig-Martin and Gillian Ayres.

These artists are all connected through the medium of print, and by their use of bright and bold colour in their work. This exhibition will be a celebration of colour and printmaking. This group of artists are highly decorated; Ayres and Davenport were both nominated for the Turner Prize and Hodgkin won the prestigious award in in 1985. Davenport and Hodgkin represented Britain at the Venice Biennale, Ayres and Craig-Martin were elected to the Royal Academy whilst Hodgkin was a trustee of the Tate and National Gallery. The brilliant works are enough evidence on their own of the artists’ worth, however the extensive list of the artists’ achievements and accolades provides further evidence of their significance in British culture.

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