1st October 2011

Norwegian Paintings Debut

Norwegian Paintings Debut

Peder Lund Gallery, 22 October – 26 November 2011
Filipstadveien 5, N-0250 Oslo, Norway.
Tel. +47 22 01 55 55. E-mail: [email protected]
Opening hours: Saturdays 12 – 4pm or by appointment

The exhibition includes , An Open Door, 2008-2011; Arabian Sea, 2008-2010; Heat and Dust, 2010; Snowfall, 2010 (above); Deep Blue Sea, 2009-2010; Snow Cloud, 2009-2010; Rain on the Pane, 2009; In the Train, 2002-2009; Collage, 2004-2008; Croissant, 2008.

The catalogue takes the form of a lavish, beautifully produced hardback book in a slipcase, with a text by Asmund Thorkildsen that surveys all of Hodgkin’s work from 1947 to 2011, with ove 50 colour illustrations.  It is published by Skira.

Åsmund Thorkildsen has followed Howard Hodgkin’s work closely over a number of years . As early as in 1987, Thorkildsen conducted a lengthy interview with the artist which was published in Kunst og Kultur and is available on this website, En samtale med Howard Hodgkin (A conversation with Howard Hodgkin). The same year, Norway’s Henie Onstad Art Centre exhibited graphic works by Hodgkin.

In his research for Howard Hodgkin: The Thinking Painter of Embodied Memories, Thorkildsen has addressed the artist’s work and the description of Hodgkin’s paintings in the existing literature on the artist. In the book, Thorkildsen examines the evolution of Hodgkin’s painting from the 1980s to the present. This evolution is discussed in relation to how Hodgkin structures the painted surface both in dialogue with contemporary art and with art history in general. The book argues that Hodgkin’s paintings are representational, meaning that they are not non-figurative and that they reproduce feelings taken from experienced situations and are physical memories of these events. Thorkildsen wishes to formulate an understanding of the artist’s method, discussed in the light of the concepts pragmatism and phenomenology.

The book is on sale from Skira [ISBN (978) 8857211312] at 39 euros.

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