1st March 2012

Olympic Games Print and Poster

Olympic Games Print and Poster

Hodgkin: Swimming

Since 1912 each city hosting the Olympic Games has commissioned one or more posters in celebration. Since the first Paralympic games was held at Stoke Mandeville posters have also been commissioned for the Paralympic games. Over the course of the last century a body of iconic work has been created and previous artists who have created a poster include Howard Hodgkin (Welcome, Winter Games in Sarajevo, 1984, above), David Hockney, Andy Warhol and RB Kitaj.

The 12 artists chosen to create the London 2012 posters are Bridget Riley, Howard Hodgkin, Michael Craig-Martin, Tracey Emin, Martin Creed, Gary Hume, Rachel Whiteread, Chris Ofili, Sarah Morris, Fiona Banner, Bob and Roberta Smith, and Anthea Hamilton.

Hodgkin’s Olympic Games Print and Poster, Swimming, will be published on 4 November.  The poster, in a print run of 500,000 will sell for £6.95.

Counter Editions will sell the print (from the afternoon of 4 November), in an edition of 400, silkscreened by King and McGaw for around £800.The print involved 12 hand pulled colour silkscreens, using ground pigments from L. Cornelissen, light-fast Altramarine Blue Dark, Altramarine Blue Light and Cobalt Blue. They were further hand ground into the UV binder with a Srab and Muller and then applied to the print, layer by layer. The hand torn paper is 300gsm – Somerset white satin, mould-made, 100% cotton and acid free.

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