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1st September 2010

Hodgkin in Conversation with Andrew Graham-Dixon

Howard Hodgkin in conversation with Andrew Graham-Dixon, Modern Art Oxford, 26 August 2010. The conversation was filmed and is now available for viewing. In Conversation with Andrew Graham-Dixon

10th July 2010

Howard Hodgkin – the last English romantic painter

Jonathan Jones reviewed the exhibition of paintings 2001-2010 (at Modern Art Oxford until 4 September) in the Guardian on 28 June and gave it five stars. Read the review here. He returned to the topic in the same paper on Saturday 28 July with a remarkable, discursive essay, which has stimulated a debate on the […]

10th July 2010

The Wizard of Oss on Hodgkin

 Jan Marijnissen is a distinguished Dutch politician, born in Oss. Interviewed on television earlier this year he surprised a number of viewers when he chose an extract from a filmed interview with Howard Hodgkin for London Weekend Television in 1996: Marijnissen’s book, Enough! A Socialist Bites Back, published in a revised edition, translated by […]